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£1.15bn Invested in Football - How Can This Financially Benefit You?...

It's hard to predict what will happen in every player transfer market. We've seen big players make big moves and football events are only warming up!


One thing we can be sure of is that billions were spent on football players and it doesn't surprise us, especially when considering the market valuations that surround the sports industry.

If the player transfer market value didn't surprise you, Sky Sports recently spent a whopping £5.1 billion to broadcast the majority of Premier League games, fighting off competition from telecom giants BT. The sports market is ever-growing and will remain very lucrative.

Now there's an opportunity for you to profit from the sports market too - by learning a sports trading technique known as matched betting...

Profit Squirrel is a market leader in teaching matched betting and thousands of people are better off financially. You can now profit from football and other sporting events that are happening every single day around the world.

Highly credible sources like MSE, Telegraph, The Guardian have openly discussed matched betting. Profit Squirrel shows you every step to generating a smart second income. Think of a football event that will be played soon, anywhere in the world  - now let's make sure you make a profit on your risk-free trading.

If you think matched betting at Profit Squirrel will be something that takes weeks to understand, give just 35 minutes of your attention to the Profit Squirrel tutorials. Not only will you earn your first £20, you will also grasp the methods of matched betting and be able to continue doing this forever. Thousands can be earned with Profit Squirrel.

Useful Guide: Learn Matched Betting in Two Minutes

Don't worry if you're enjoying life without caring about sports - it's completely fine, simply treat this like trading online. People spend a lot of time figuring out a smart way to earn money, perhaps by learning to trade on the foreign exchange markets or binary trading. Both have mass appeal but FX and Binary trading aren't risk-free.

Here's the simplest example of making money at Profit Squirrel... 

Whatever the outcome of say, Manchester United's next game, we're guaranteed to make a small (or big) profit.

Although matched betting is risk-free, you must learn the key methods and specific skills that will last a lifetime. Dedicate some spare time to make guaranteed profit for yourself.

If you want a proven way to generate  £500-1,000 every month, then Profit Squirrel is the answer. Profit Squirrel also offers new members a £100 cashback guarantee so you're completely insured, you just need to experience matched betting yourself. Sign up for a free account and earn up to £50 cash!

Everyone has the opportunity to learn something that will instantly result in boosting income levels and give more freedom to do more of what we want to do with our time. Although watching sports all day doesn't sound like a bad idea to me either.

What motivates you to achieve more wealth? Visit Profit Squirrel and start a sustainable second income wherever you're sitting in the world.

Learn more about how to make money with Profit Squirrel

Jason Robertson

Jason Robertson

Community support member

I dedicate my spare time to making Matches so I can spoil my 3 little angels. A teacher from Merseyside, love cooking and reading. Liverpool's #1 fan!

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5 years ago

Sports trading is only going to get bigger!



5 years ago

Did forex and binary, waste of time. It's been over 5 days and I'm £280 up with Profit Squirrel. Worth a try for sure people..

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