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The UK gambling industry is worth over £13.8bn, take your slice of the action. Our top affiliates are earning over £80,000 every year! How much would you like to earn?

  • No commission cap
  • 50% share of net revenue
  • Ongoing commissions
  • Bonus commission on every 1st payment received
  • Dedicated affiliate account manager
  • Low minimum pay-out
  • Live stats and user-friendly interface

We’re the best Matched Betting affiliate programme on the market – we’re also paying out the highest commissions!

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Every time someone clicks on your unique link and becomes a Profit Squirrel member, you’ll get paid a commission on every payment we receive from them, month after month!

Calculating your Commission

Here’s exactly how your commission is calculated. We first deduct the costs that we incur when accepting the payment. This includes VAT (paid to the UK tax man), and also payment processing fees that we need to pay PayPal and our other banking partners.

For every £24.99 Monthly Plan payment we receive from one of your referrals, you’ll receive £15 on the initial payment from the new customer and a commission of £9.62 for every Monthly payment thereafter. We’ve created a breakdown of an example below.

Monthly Payment (£24.99)



Payment processing fees


Profit Squirrel share (22%)


Your total commission (78%)


Monthly Payment (£24.99)



Payment processing fees


Profit Squirrel share (50%)


Your total commission (50%)


Annual Payment (£150)



Payment processing fees


Profit Squirrel share (50%)


Your total commission (50%)

Quick Ways To Promote Your Affiliate Link

Add your affiliate link to your Twitter handle

Post on Facebook and other social media platforms

Message in forums / groups

Create a blog article or add to an existing one

Upload testimonials / content to YouTube, include your link in the description

I’m Ready. What’s next?

Your commissions will be held for the first 30 days to ensure there’s no problems with payments. All commissions are paid out at the start of each month, minimum pay-out level is just £30.

Thousands of people are making money with Matched Betting, but there’s millions of people who don’t even know about it. Share this opportunity with them and make yourself millions in the process.

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What Our Affiliates Are Saying...

" As an affiliate for the past 10 years this is by far one of the best affiliate schemes out there at the moment and the product itself is fantastic. Really easy to use, statistics, tracking performance all in one place makes everything work really well. "

Johnnie Chen

" Making around £1,000 extra per month from adding my Affiliate link in a forum for active cyclists around 6 months ago. If you’re a chatter box like me, you may as well get paid for it! "

Suzie Gibbs

" Perfect programme for both expert affiliates and for anyone that just wants to make an extra few thousand every month. Set up is so easy it literally took me 2 minutes. "

Robert Turner

" Never been an affiliate before, the set up and seamless payments make it really easy. Anyone can do this! "

Andy Waters

" Made my first £1,000 just from tweeting and posting on my Facebook page, thanks Profit Squirrel! "

Ruth Kelly
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